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Seventeen Castaways joined up on the club mooring including Gordon Rowse who came by on his Ranger 33 (only half a boat with no sails), for the afternoon.

The weather was nearly perfect, about 10 minutes of very light showers interrupted an otherwise clear day with temperatures dipping only to the mid 50s overnight.   Clicquot, Shearwater, Damn Yankee, Valiant Lady2, Norska and Tenacious shared the mooring.  Everyone stayed New Years eve while Valiant Lady2 and Shearwater were kind of chilled and stayed a second night for Mexican Train Monopoly.

Brian and Linda study the next set of gifts with the Christmas lights in the background.

Sandy, Hank, and Marilyn plot to gain the pink jacket

Marilyn, Peter, Kenna and Brian review the rum

And, in the big red box is a . . .

Ice Chest! the first of several owners

Richard has the neat blue jacket, at least for a while

The most sincere laugh of the eveing . . . Sandy, looking on as EA models the double breasted jacket

Looks like it belongs . . .

Please note Peter is looking fondly at Kenna's bottle

Kenna's bottle quickly changed into an out sailing placard

Hank snagged the first of three spotlight and room lights this year

while Jim is about to snag the second light

all the while, Marilyn is quietly getting the true prize

Jim, Jay, and Raymond are sitting in the back pew trying not to be noticed, or maybe trying to stay awake

Nothing beats a nutcracker during the holidays

Interested in hurricanes?

Looks like Linda and Sandy are reading the instructions

And the pink jacket belongs to Peter, while Linda works to claim the bottle

After giving up the prize jacket, Richard winds the real price, a book on staying healthy

Speaking of prizes, look at Hank's prize winning haircut

Brian and Kenna are taking a picture while we hold up a large mirror to make everying think we are taking a picture at the same time

Jim Bloom's keen eye and handy camera contributed the photos below.  Everyone seems to be having a great time.  Thank you, Jim. 


As usual, you can click on any of the above photographs to see a larger size.  If you have photos to contribute, we can put them here: