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8th Annual Castaways Cup Regatta


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Presented by: Castaways Sailing Club


September 22-23, 2012

Notice of Race


The Castaways Sailing, Inc. invites you to participate in the 8th Annual Castaways Cup: A two-day point-to-point regatta dedicated to fellowship, fun, and friendly racing!


The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined by U.S. Sailing prescriptions of the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing. http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/RRS2009-2012-%5B5950%5D.pdf


The regatta is open to all sailing yachts "ready for sea" in all aspects by meeting open ocean PHRF-4P standards. It is up to the Skipper to insure suitability of the Yacht for racing, including fuel sufficient for motoring 80 miles. Safety gear and proper preparation cannot be overstated in offshore racing.


Depending on the number of entries, there will be at least one PHRF class and one JAM (jib and main) class. Other classes will be created as needed with a minimum of 3 entries (i.e. Multi-hull) per class. PHRF and JAM class (mono-hull participants) will sail under the PHRF handicap system. Multi-hulls will sail under the MASF handicap system. A valid PHRF rating from SEF PHRF or MASF must be submitted. If you do not have a current certificate SEF PHRF can turn around your application quickly. (See notes on PHRF ratings) Now is a good time to apply and avoid any last minute issues.


Finish positions and times will be recorded for both Saturday and Sunday’s races. Both will be used to calculate the individual race awards and the Castaways Cup overall winner for each class.

Skippers Meeting:

A skipper’s meeting is planned Thursday, September 20, 2010, at 1830 at La Bamba Restaurant at 730 U.S. Hwy. 1in North Palm Beach. La Bamba has provided a meeting space, appetizers will be served and you may purchase drinks. We encourage you to purchase dinner after the meeting as a way to thank La Bamba for their hospitality. The purpose of the meeting is to pass out the: Sailing Instructions; define Classes and assign a Yacht Number for those boats that do not have Sail Numbers; identify Class Flags; clarify any issues; and give out the start times for Saturday’s Pursuit Race.

Last minute Race cancellation due to weather or unforeseen circumstances will be sent by e-mail addresses on file by 6pm Friday evening, and will be posted on the www.castawayscup.org web site. All communication the day of the race will be on Channel 72.

PHRF & MASF Ratings

This year’s race committee was mandated, by the Castaways Board of Directors, to provide standardized PHRF ratings for anyone interested in participating in any of the Castaways races.

Normally, SEF PHRF charges $40.00 to $50.00 to apply for a PHRF rating. They have offered not to charge anyone applying at this time so take advantage of this and apply today if you do not have a current PHRF rating. Go to http://Plorida PHRF/ or http://www.phrfsef.com/ and scroll down to "Need a PHRF Rating?" if you have a mono-hull.

For those with multi-hulls, go to http://www.masf-multihulls.com/ to apply for a certificate.

The Starts, The Courses, The Finishes:

Saturday, September 22nd:

Saturday/Start: The start will be a pursuit start beginning approximately one-quarter mile north of the Lake Worth/Palm Beach Inlet. The first start will be at 1000, Committee Boat G.P.S. time. All auxiliary engines must be shut off no later than 5 minutes before your starting time and remain off until your finish. Any boat seen by race committee running it’s engine WITHIN FIVE MINUTES OF THEIR START time will be protested.

There will be a starting line between the committee boat and a floating mark. The plan is to have all boats, faster and slower alike, finish the race at reasonably the same time thereby giving everybody a chance for "first in the pool" honors.

To do this the Castaways Cup pursuit start times are assigned according to boat handicap. Each boat will have an exact starting time. The slower boats start first followed by the faster boats. This leaves the starting line relatively un-crowded. The adjusted start times are designed so the first boat in each class over the finish line is the winner for that class.

In the unusual case of lack of wind, the race committee may delay the start until the breeze arrives. The race committee will announce new times over the VHF radio channel 72 to all competitors. Continue to monitor Channel 72 throughout the race for relevant information from the race committee. After waiting a reasonable time for the wind to pick up the race committee may elect to move the starting line north and attempt a start. In this case the race will be a normal fleet start by class and not a pursuit start. The starting sequence and flags will be the same as we will use for the Sunday start. Announcements will be made via VHF radio channel 72. Please note that the use of Channel 72 is a convenience and you should come close astern of the Committee Boat for official instructions and checking in.


The Course: Saturday’s race will go from a starting line approx 1/4 mile north of Palm Beach/Lake Worth Inlet to a finish line ½ mile East of "R"2, St Lucie Entrance Buoy. Course length is 24 nm.

The Finish: The finish line will be between the RC Boat (27 09.942N 80 07.834W) and a floating mark. There is a time limit for the race. If no boats finish before 1800 the race is abandoned. Any boat finishing in class makes it a race for that class. The race committee will remain on station till 1800 hours. Boats finishing after that time should note their finish time and submit to the race committee after arriving on shore. It is also prudent to note your position relative to any other boats you are finishing near. Announcements will be made via VHF radio Channel 72.

Sunday, September 23rd:

Sunday/ Start: The Starting line will be just south of the St. Lucie Inlet Channel around ½ mile offshore. The start will be a traditional Class Start in accordance with RRS 26. That means a five (5) minute start sequence for each class. Class flags and starting sequences will be announced at the Skippers Meeting Sept. 20th and again at the Marriott Pool Party. The first signal marking the beginning of the five (5) minute sequence will be at 1100 hours by the committee boat’s G.P.S. time. That means that at 1005, the first class will start. Subsequent classes will start at their class signal at 5:00 minute intervals. All auxiliary engines must be shut off at the five (5) minute warning signal to your class start or else you will get protested. The starting time and location may be changed due to weather. Announcements will be made from the committee boat on Channel 72 the morning of the race.

Some of you may wonder what you are supposed to do during this "lag", shall we say, of time between your "warning" and your "start". Well, most boats sail around saying good morning, or harass last night’s revelers. Others try to jockey for the best starting position. For those of you who have not experienced this pleasure/chaos, when you join in you will love it!

Sunday: The Course and the Finish: From the starting position at St Lucie to the finish at R2 Palm Beach/Lake Worth Inlet, the reverse of the course from Saturday. The course length will be 24 nm. There is a time limit of 8 hours for the race. Any boat finishing in class within the 8 hour time limit makes it a race for that class. The finish line is between R2 and a beach flag ashore near the pump house.

You should announce your boat name, and sail numbers or assigned Yacht Number on Channel 72 as you approach the finish line, as the distance from shore and other circumstances can make identifications difficult. In the event that the race committee must abandon its post due to weather or other circumstances you should record your own finish time and submit it to the race committee. It is also prudent to note your position relative to any other boats you are finishing near.


Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers in each class for each day depending on the number of entrants: 1st for 3 entrants; 1st and 2nd for 5 entrants; 1st, 2nd and 3rd for 7 entrants; 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th for 10 or more entrants. Classes may be split if we have over 14 entrants. A CASTAWAYS CUP will be awarded to the best overall combined finishes and times for both racing days in each class. Saturday’s race results will be announced at the Pool Party at the Marriott.


Saturday’s and Sunday’s Awards and the coveted CASTAWAYS CUPS will be presented at the CASTAWAYS CUP Awards Banquet on Saturday, September 29th beginning at 6:30 pm in the North Palm Beach Country Club. The Awards Banquet is a catered affair with fine food, music, dancing, and general frivolity for skippers, their mates, crews, and guests.

Our trophies are world class, distinct and tasteful, and have received many compliments, so come and give it a go!

Entry fees:

Entry fee includes skipper’s materials and two dinner tickest for the Castaways Cup Awards Banquet.

Note: Substantial discounts, shown below, are available for those who register early.

Racing Vessel Entry Fee Received:

* Prior to September 1, 2012 $110.00 (w/o Fellowship Cup paid registration)

$100.00 (Fellowship Cup Racers)

* After September 1, 2012 $120.00

Crew Dinner Fees for Reservations for Awards Banquet Received:

* Prior to September 22, 2012 $35.00

* After September 22, 2012 $40.00

We must have an accurate head count of crew members and guests who are planning to attend the Castaways Cup Awards Banquet so that enough food can be ordered. Prior reservations are a must, please see attachments.

Race Registration Options

On Line Registration

Save a lot of time and trouble by registering on line at



Registration by Mail

Please make your check payable to: Castaways Sailing Inc. and mail to: Beth Gebbia, P.O. Box 14211, North Palm Beach, FL 33404. The Event Fees and Crew Reservation Form, the Release of Liability and Entrance form, and your Check must be received by September 1, 2010, to receive the maximum discount. Please see attachments.

If this is your first time sailing with us, please include a copy of your PHRF or MASF handicap certificate with your application.

Applications cannot be accepted after September 19, 2012.

If you have any questions about the race please call Richard Dwyer, Race Committee Chairman, 561-624-6262 or Beth Gebbia, Castaways Cup Regatta Chairperson, 561-351-8459 for additional information.

Dockage and Hotel Reservations:

Attendees may make hotel reservations with the Marriott at (772) 225-7139. A block of reduced rate rooms have been reserved at a rate of $120.00/night for this regatta. You may make your reservations by advising the reservations clerk that you are sailing in the Castaways Regatta 2012. Dock rates are $1.50 per foot and YOU are responsible for making your own dock reservations. Each boat is responsible for gratuities for the dockhands.

For reservations via the Internet: www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/pbiir-hutchinson-island-resort-and-marina/

On the right side of the Internet page, you will see: Check rate and availability. Simply enter September 22th and follow the directions. Our group code is CASCASA. This code will give you the discounted room rate if you reserve soon enough.


Castaways Sailing

Offshore Sailing

Release of Liability and Entry Form


Yacht Name: _____________________________ Sail Number: ____________________

Yacht Type: _________________ Yacht Make: ______________Yacht Model________

Overall Length: ____________ Draft:__________ PHRF Rating:______

Class: PHRF________ JAM__________ Multi-Hull ______________

Skipper Name: ___________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________State __________ ZIP Code __________

Telephone (day)_______________(night): ________________Cell:____________

Email: ___________________________________________ (This is very important)

I hereby certify that no changes affecting the above named yacht’s rating certificate have been or will be made after the date of the certificate enclosed herewith.

I hereby agree to all sailing instructions for this race which I have read and understood.

I hereby warrant that my yacht will be certified, equipped and handled in accordance with those instructions; that she will have all required equipment aboard; that she will be completely manned by an experienced crew who are physically fit to face bad weather. I understand that I am solely responsible for the safety of my yacht and her crew and that it is my sole responsibility whether to start or to continue the race

The skipper/owner shall be responsible for the conduct of his or her crew and/ or guests. In the event of breach of conduct, sportsmanship, destruction of property, or failure to comply with the request of any race officer, committee member, or agent of the Castaways Sailing Club, Inc. the skipper/owner will be held responsible and his/her yacht shall be subject to protest and disqualification.

As a condition of participating, my crew and I acknowledge the following: That sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury associated with it. We have read RRS 4, Decision to Race, and hereby acknowledge and agree that we are participating in this event entirely at our own risk.

We further acknowledge and agree that neither the organizing authority, nor the race committee, nor their members, will be responsible for (a) any damage to the entered yacht or my other property, or (b) any injury to myself or my crew, including death, sustained as a result of the participation of myself, my crew, and the yacht in this event. I hereby waive any rights I may have to sue the race organizers (organizing authority, race committee, protest committee, host club, sponsors, or any other organization or official) with respect to personal injury or property damage suffered by myself or my crew as a result of our participation in this event, including any claims arising as a result of the negligence of the race organizers, and hereby release the race organizers from any liability for such injury or damage to the fullest extent permitted by law. I have taken all necessary steps to ensure that myself, my crew, and the entered yacht are adequately prepared for all possible contingencies, including appropriate safety equipment as may be required by law or that a prudent seaman would consider advisable.

The undersigned, individually and for the entire yacht crew, specifically release and forever discharge the Castaways Sailing Club, Inc., its members, officers and directors and all persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of the race from any liability for liable, slander, loss, damage, negligence, harm, injury or death suffered by any of us which may occur during or as a result of participation in the race.

I grant Castaways Sailing, Inc. or its agent the unconditional and perpetual right to publish and broadcast the names and images of the skipper, crew and yacht prior to, during and after any of the races in these series.


Signed: ___________________________________ Date:________________________


Signed: ___________________________________ Date:_______________________

Owner (if different from the skipper)




8th Annual Castaways Cup Regatta

September 22 &23, 2012


Fee Schedule

Rec’d by 9/1 After 9/1

Boat Name ______________________________________ $110* $120

*Fellowship Cup Entrants- $100 if received by 9/1

(Boat Registration includes Skipper’s Meeting Bag & materials plus 2 dinner ticket to the Awards Dinner)

Skipper’s Name ___________________________________

Crew Members/Guests for Castaways Cup Banquet Rec’d by – 9/1 After 9/1

First & Last Name _________________________________________ $35.00 $40

First & Last Name ___________________________________________$35.00 $40

First & Last Name ___________________________________________$35.00 $40

First & Last Name ___________________________________________$35.00 $40

First & Last Name ___________________________________________$35.00 $40

First & Last Name ___________________________________________$35.00 $40

First & Last Name ___________________________________________$35.00 $40

First & Last Name ___________________________________________$35.00 $40

First & Last Name ___________________________________________$35.00 $40

First & Last Name ___________________________________________$35.00 $40

TOTAL for enclosed check $______ $_______



Remember you can register for all activities on line at

 www.Regattatech.com/events/CSI/CastawaysCup12 or by mail.