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2012 Fellowship Races

Presented by: Castaways Sailing Club



Notice Of Race

The Castaways Sailing, Inc. invites you to participate in the 2012 Fellowship Races.  The Fellowship Races are held one weekend day per month and is open to anyone interested in club racing.  There are two series of races: January through June and August through December. The second series includes the two day Castaways Cup Regatta which has its separate NOR and entry fees.  We look forward to your participation in what has been a fun time for all.


Applications will be accepted by submitting a Release of Liability Form (Click Here), a 2011 or later Handicap Certificate from SFPHRF for mono-hulls or an MASF certificate for multi-hulls, along with the entrance fee of $125 for the complete season (not including the Castaways Cup Regatta) or $75 for any individual series. You may change classes prior to the first race in a Series but not during a series.  Anyone needing assistance applying for a Handicap Certificate contact Richard Dwyer, CSC/P.R.O.   All applications are due prior to the start of a series.  Make your checks payable to Castaways Sailing Inc. attention Fellowship Cup, and send your completed application, Handicap Certificate, and checks to:

Castaways Sailing Inc.
P.O. BOX 30851
Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 33420-0851

Also please see the special offer at end of this NOR.

 Note:  SFPHRF has changed the measuring criteria for previous years and may make old certificates questionable.  Yachts not having a current certificate are subject to the Race Committee assigning a handicap based on the best average handicapping data available.


The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined by U.S. Sailing prescriptions of the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing. http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/RRS2009-2012-%5B5950%5D.pdf, the prescriptions of US Sailing, the USSA Appeals, and JYRU Interpretations and Class Rules except as modified herein.

 Notice to Competitors & Notice of Race

This document constitutes the Notice to Competitors and the Notice of Race.  Any major modifications to these instructions will be distributed by e-mail to registered yachts.  Verbal instructions or instructions broadcast over VHF channel 72 prior to the warning signal shall supersede any previous instruction.  All yachts intending to race must sail close aboard the committee boat, outboard of the start line, and prior to the first warning, to receive last minute written or verbal instructions.  It is the sole responsibility of each skipper to be familiar with the particulars of any race and to check in prior to their race start.


The Fellowship Races are open to all sailing yachts “ready for sea” in all aspects. It is the Skipper’s responsibility to insure suitability of the Yacht for racing, including fuel sufficient for motoring 10 miles. Safety gear and proper preparation cannot be overstated in offshore racing.  The Skipper, by his/her application, certifies the vessel has adequate insurance with third party coverage.  Also the vessel complies with applicable rules, regulations and is suitable for racing in the near costal environment.

Race Committee Participation

This year each entrant will be required to participate as Race Committee for one race.  Each entrant will be assigned a specific race to provide the Race Committee.  You will be asked if there are two specific months that you will not be able to perform such duties and the CSC P.R.O will then assign which race each participant will serve.  All equipment and instructions, along with training for those not familiar with running races, will be provided.  If you are not able to perform the duties on your assigned date, it is the skipper’s responsibility to switch with another skipper. Fuel reimbursement has been increased to $50.00 to help cover the cost of the race boat fuel..   The skipper serving as race committee will be assigned a finish equal to the average of the three best finishes in the series.


For each race, there will be three classes; PHRF, JAM (jib and main) and Multi-hull.  The PHRF and JAM participants will sail under the PHRF handicap system. Multi-hulls will sail under the MASF handicap system.  A valid PHRF or MASF Certificate from no earlier than 2011 must be submitted. If no certificate is submitted the race committee will assign a handicap. You may change your class only before the beginning of each series.


Finish positions and times will be recorded each race in a series and will be used to calculate the individual series awards and the overall winner for the year in each class. The awards dinner will be held in early December and will be announced later.

Skippers Meeting and 2012 Kick-Off:  

A skipper’s meeting is planned for Friday, January 13, at 1900 at Duffy’s at Oakbrook Square Shopping Center at the corner of U.S.1 and PGA Blvd in North Palm Beach. Duffy’s has provided a meeting room, and you may purchase drinks. We encourage you to purchase dinner as a way to thank Duffy’s for their hospitality. The purpose of the meeting is to clarify the sailing instructions, verify classes, assign a yacht number for those boats that do not have sail numbers, define race committee assignments for the year, and clarify any issues.  Any changes will be to the e-mail address you provide on your completed registration form. 

Cancellation due to weather or unforeseen circumstances will be sent to the e-mail addresses on file by 6 p.m. the evening before a race and broadcast on channel 72 at 11:00 a.m. the day of the race. All on the water communications will be broadcast on Channel 72 by the race committee.

Click Here for the 2012 Fellowship Cup Schedule


The use of channel 72 to announce race information is a courtesy to the competitors and should not be used as a substitute for passing alongside and receiving verbal instructions. The race committee may be set on station before giving instructions, and racers should wait until the committee boat is ready before asking for instructions.

Race committees need time to record the racers sail numbers, drive the committee boat, set the marks, calculate distances, assess the wind, and get ready for the starting sequence, etc. Competitors should use another channel for ship to ship conversation to eliminate talk over. Prudent use of Channel 72 will help all competitors to receive timely course information over the radio. RC instructions will normally be repeated twice per transmission to help insure accuracy.


The Outside racing area will be in the Atlantic Ocean, starting North or South of the Lake Worth Inlet. The Inside racing area is on Lake Worth, South of Peanut Island. Weather dictates the racing area and will be announced on event day using Channel 72 no later than one (1) hour prior to the warning signal


A.  The attached diagrams illustrate general courses to be sailed. They are labeled Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot.
B.  Code flags signifying the course may be flown from the committee boat.
C.  MARKS: Course marks may be a combination of government marks, permanent club marks, and/or orange or yellow inflatable marks.

The designations for the various marks will be as follows:
RB-1: Lake Worth Inlet Outer Marker RW “LW” Mo (A) (Red and White)
RB-2: Lake Worth Inlet Fl R Bell Buoy “R2”
RB-3: Worth Ave Club Mark
RB-4: Orange or Yellow inflatable mark
RB-5: Orange or Yellow inflatable mark

The marks for each race and the GPS coordinates of all non government marks will be announced prior to the warning signal for each race. There may be different courses for different classes.

D.  The course may be shortened at any mark of the course in accordance with Part 3 RULE 32 Shortening or Abandoning after a Start.


The attached diagrams illustrate general courses to be sailed. When sailed inside they will be identified as Alpha Inside, Bravo Inside, Charlie Inside, etc.
A.  Code flags signifying the course may be flown from the committee boat.
B.  Inside MARKS: Course marks may be a combination of government marks, or orange or yellow inflatable marks. The course to be sailed, the marks to be rounded, and the Start & Finish location will be announced by the committee boat prior the Warning Signal. There may be different courses for different classes.
The designations for the various marks will be as follows:
IN-6: R”4” (Lake Worth east side- navigation mark)
IN-7 R”6” (Lake Worth east side – navigation mark)
IN-8 G”3” (Intra-coastal mark)
IN-9 FL G 4sec “5” (Intra-coastal mark)
IN-10 Orange or Yellow inflatable mark
IN-11 Orange or Yellow inflatable mark


A.  Races will be started in accordance with Part 3 Paragraph 26 of the Racing Rules, with classes scheduled to starting at five minute intervals in the order of PHRF, JAM, and Multi-hull. A combined start is possible depending on the number of participants at Race time and will be announced prior to the Warning signal
B.  The starting line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the race committee boat and the starting mark.
C.  Yachts whose preparatory signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area and of all the yachts whose signal has been made. The starting area is defined as a region extending 50 yards from each side and 100 yards behind the starting line.
D.  When more than one race is announced per event, subsequent starting sequences will commence as soon as possible after the last yacht has finished the previous race.


A.  Individual recalls will be signaled, in accordance with Racing rule Part 3 – 29.1, by flying Code Flag X. VHF Channel 72 or verbal hails may also be used as a courtesy to competitors.
B.  General Recalls will be signaled in accordance with racing rule Part 3 – 29.3. When a general recall has been signaled, a new preparatory signal will be made one minute after the lowering of code flag ”First Substitute” with one sound signal.
C.  When a general recall has been signaled, the starts for succeeding classes will be postponed accordingly.


The finish line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the committee boat and the finishing mark.


The limit will be 2.5 hours per race for each class. A Yacht finishing within the time limit makes it a race for all Yachts in Class. Sept. 22 & 23 2012 races excluded.


Written protests must be in the hands of that day's race committee or chairman within 24 hours of the last finishing yacht. Protest hearings will be held as soon as practical at a place and time announced by the protest committee. Protest forms and procedures are available from web site; http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/RRS2009-2012-%5B5950%5D.pdf


Yachts breaking a Rule of part 2 may resolve themselves by making 720 degree turn penalty as outlined under Other Requirements of Racing Rule 44. Yachts touching a starting mark or a mark of the course may take a 360 penalty turn under Other Requirements of Racing Rule 44.


Series individual honors and total year honors will be scored using the low point scoring approach. The yacht finishing with the lowest corrected time in its class will be assign 1/2 point, the second yacht 2 points, the third yacht 3 points etc. For any yacht registered for the Fellowship races but not racing during a race the yacht will be assigned 1 point more than the total yachts racing that day in its class.

AWARDS (per class per series and overall year):

1-3 entries: 1 trophy
4-6 entries: 2 trophies
7-10 entries: 3 trophies
10 or more: 4 trophies

Example of a Course Description on Race Day

The Race Course for Race 1 January 1st for all classes is Charley - All marks rounded to port.

Race Committee GPS time is 1253 --- mark!

Start Sequence is delayed to 1335 – note AP flag.

All classes separate start

Start location: -- Lat 26 44. 635 -- Lon 80 01. 113

Mark 1 is RB-4 Orange Drop Mark --- Lat 26 45.134 ---Lon 80 01. 362

Mark 2 is RB-1 Lake Worth Entrance Outer Buoy -- [RW”LW”MO(A)]

Mark 3 is RB-2 Lake Worth Starboard Entrance Buoy -- [R “2” LW Entrance Buoy]

Finish location: -- Lat 26 44. 635 -- Lon 80 01. 113 – same as the start.

Time limit as per NOR, the course may be shortened due to weather however.

All yachts please come close aboard to register

Special Offer

Entry fee for the complete season of racing will be $125.00 or $75.00 per individual series.

“But wait there’s more,” IF you prepay for the Castaways Cup, and the complete season of Fellowship Races, the Fellowship cup entry fee will be reduced to $100.00 + $150..00 for a total of, $250.00.  Just pay the additional shipping and handling, which is 44 cents on your envelope.

Make checks payable to Castaways Sailing Inc. 

Mail all completed forms including this checklist to:       

Castaways Sailing Inc.
P.O. Box 30851
Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 33420-0851



1.) Check

2.) SIGNED & Dated, Release of Liability and Entry Form (click here), with TWO month you are NOT available to serve as Race Committee.

3.) Copy of current 2011 PHRF rating, or current assigned rating.

4.) Completed Castaways Sailing Club “Assigned Rating” application (click here), if applicable.


If your boat does not possess a valid and up to date PHRH certificate, you may apply for an assigned handicap from the Castaways Sailing Club race committee. This rating will be used for scoring in all Castaways racing events.  Assigned ratings are not appealable, but can be replaced with a PHFR certificate.