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Castaways Sailing Club assigned ratings application



Boat Name_________________________ Sail Number___________ Skipper_____________________


In keeping with the spirit of giving everyone a chance to beat up the Race Committee we have established the following Handicapping criteria as a basis for all boats competing in Castaways events.


All handicaps supported with an up to date, valid, Southern Florida PHRF Certificate will be honored.


Boats entering with no certificate will be assigned a handicap based on the following criteria.




           The base handicap from the latest USPHRF average will be used                                  _________


           Modifications to the base handicap will be based on SFPHRF criteria and include:


                        No Spinnaker--- racing in JAM Class --------------------------------      + 9 sec/mile     _________


                        Spinnaker larger than 180% or

                        Pole larger than the “J” dimension  -----------------------------------      - 6 sec/mile ea._________


                        Roller Furling Jib  ----------------------------------------------------------        + 6sec/mile      _________


                        Headsail larger than 155%  ---------------------------------------------       - 6sec/mile       _________


                                    155% headsail---standard ------------------------------------ no adjustment


                                    Between 136% and 154%------------------------------------      + 6 sec/mile     _________


                                    Headsail smaller than 135%  -------------------------------      + 9 sec/mile     _________


           Roller Furling Main--------------------------------------------------------------------          + 12 sec/mile   _________


           Wing Keel or Shoal Draft------------------------------------------------------------         + 6 sec/mile     _________



                        Folding or feathering prop -------------------------------------------- no adjustment           _________


                        2 or 3 blade fixed prop -------------------------------------------------          + 6 sec/mile     _________


Cruising Credit—based on supplied information about the boat, e.g., installed bimini,

wind generator, bow thruster, any aux equipment installed above deck, etc.        + 3 sec/mile     ________


Enter equipment here:  _________________________________________________

A MAXIMUM of +3 sec/mile will be applied


                                                          YOU ESTIMATED RATING OR ADJUSTMENT =          _________


Any adjustment information must be in the hands of the Race Committee Chairman 5 days

before the Skippers meeting.  The Race Committee will assign the final handicap which will

be available to all skippers at the Skippers meeting.  In the tradition of sailboat racing being

a self-regulating sport, everyone is on the honor system to supply the correct information on

their boat.


E-mail submission or further information can be obtained by contacting Richard Dwyer by e-mail at: rdwyer111@aol.com